Genius Chat Widget supports a wide variety of capabilities.

Proactive Buttons

Be a step ahead with our proactive buttons that can be triggered anywhere on your site, for example if an item is sold out.


'Sold out item' options being proactively triggered.

Message Types

A range of fully supported content types like Quick Replies, Carousels, Emojis, GIFs and many more. Click here to view the entire list.


Carousel display of purchased items


Quick reply buttons

Pre Chat Form

Our optional Pre chat form allows you to capture any useful information before the conversations starts - this is usually the user’s name and email but other useful fields can be added like the users 'order number' for example. These fields can be mandatory or optional.


Pre chat form requesting users name and email.

Chat Field

The chat field supports up to 250 characters. After this limit has been reached the user's message won't be sent. The chat form can also be disabled or removed completely.


Disabled text field.

File Upload

Use the Chat Field to upload images and files from your computer or mobile by clicking on the + icon and then choosing 'Add File'. You can also receive files from the Flow Bot and CRM agent.


When a conversation concludes or when specifically requested in the flow, request a CSAT score and any additional comments from the user.

Tab Syncing

The chat widget uses modern technology to allow conversations to sync between multiple tabs.

Agent Handover

Smooth transition to a Live Agent with our handover feature. Customers are put in a queue, clearly displaying what position they are in.


Queue position

Once a Live agent has joined the chat, the customer is notified and can start the conversation. Customers are also notified if an agent leaves the chat.
Agents are able to see all the previous messages and any additional information the customer has provided before they joined.


The widget currently supports the following CRMs:

  • Salesforce

  • Zendesk

  • Dixa

  • Oracle

  • Freshchat

  • Sunco

  • Kustomer


Supported CRMs


The chat widget exposes a number of callbacks which customers can optionally hook into, for example when a carousel item is selected.


A number of methods are exposed allowing certain events to be triggered externally, for example launching the chat widget.


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What’s Next

Click here to view the full list of Content Types.