Miscellaneous Category

Miscellaneous category covers requests a range of different topics such as sales related questions about promo codes, discounts, price adjustments, problems placing orders; shipment questions, etc.


If the AI predicts that the request is generally regarding the topics covered in this category but does not detect any of the specific intents below then the predicted intent will be Miscellaneous.

Item Availability

Customers asking when and if certain items will become available to buy.


  • Which colors do you have in stock?
  • When will XXX be back in stock? I need size 8-1/2
  • Can you tell me whether you are discontinuing it or if it is actually just out of stock temporarily please.

Tag: dg-item-availability

Unable To Order

Customer messaging about facing difficulties placing the order online. This is usually with reference to a bug on the website or a payment not going through.


  • Trying to order shoes. Website doesn't work and telephone leads to a voicemail. Not good
  • I am unable to purchase items from your website. I have tried 3 different credit cards. What am I doing wrong?
  • since i have had problems, i asked a number of my colleagues to try to purchase from your website this is the error message

Tag: dg-unable-to-order

Promocode Not Working

Customer messaging about not being able to use the promo-code to get the expected discount.


  • I am a physician trying to use the code XXX and the code says it is "expired" I was told it was good to use until 5/15. Thank you.
  • I made a purchase of two shoes ( for my and my soon) but I had a gift code, which didn't work ......

Tag: dg-promocode-not-working

Do You Ship To X?

Customer asking if the order can be shipped to a specific country or region.


  • do you ship to the uae dubai ?
  • if I order shoes on-line will you deliver it to Poland?
  • I live in Canada, where can I purchase your shoes?

Tag: dg-do-you-ship-to-x

Customer asking for donations, giveaways, free gifts.


  • Do you offer gift cards?

Tag: dg-donation-requests

Shipping Price

Customer asking for a refund of the shipping price.


  • i was charged for shipping, will i get a refund??
  • hi would you refund the postage as well? as we agreed on the phone.
  • can someone please respond to my message regarding my order an free delivery

Tag: dg-shipping-price

Price Adjustment

Customer asking for an adjustment of the price they paid after they placed an order. It can be that they forgot to input a promo code or there is new sales their items are on sale or that they were charged twice.


  • I put in the promo code for healthcare workers and it apparently didnt apply through the checkout process, so I was charged full price. Can someone help me?
  • I woudl like to purchase a pair of shoes. Do you price match? XXX has the shoe for X% off
  • hi there i bought 2 products and have been refunded for 1 but the other 1 has dropped in price and not been refunded difference. please refer to notes on my order. thank you
  • I made a purchase for the six-month program yesterday with the code to receive X% off but I was charged the full amount of $X. On the website it said the cost would be $X.

Tag: dg-price-adjustment

Shipping Price Questions

Customer is asking a question about the cost of delivery.


  • What is the shipping price?
  • I thought the shipping price was free if I bought more than 100$

Tag: dg-shipping-price-questions

Sponsoring Request

A customer (usually an influencer, sport professional, famous person) is asking to be sponsored by the company and represent the brand.

Tag: dg-sponsoring-request


Customer requesting a replacement of their laces. This intent is specific to shoes.

Tag: dg-laces

Healthcare Worker Discount

Customer is asking for a discount as they are a healthcare worker. This was added during Covid-19 for companies offering discounts to healthcare workers.

Tag: dg-healthcare-worker-discount

Discounts Questions

Customer asking if there are discount available.


  • Hello, I am interested in a pair of on shoes, and would like to know if y all offer a military discount. Thank you!
  • Are there currently any promo codes to apply? I thought i recalled getting one when i signed up for the email distribution but i cannot seem to find it. Please let me know!
  • Do you offer 1st time customers a discount??

Tag: dg-discounts-questions

Stickers Request

Customer asking stickers of the brand.


  • Hello, I'm a big fan of your brand, can you send me some stickers so I can decorate my Macbook?

Tag: dg-stickers-request

Business Inquiry

Any business type inquiry (partnership, sales...)


  • Hi, I'm a designer and I would like to work with you on your products
  • Hello, I represent a reseller and I am looking to make business with you

Tag: dg-business-inquiry

Invoice Request

Customer asking for an invoice of a made order.


  • Can you email me my invoice ?
  • Hello, I need the commercial invoice for the shipment, since this document was not found in the order

Tag: dg-invoice-request


Any kind of spam


  • Your last chance to win a new iPhone!!
  • Best cryptocurrencies to invest in: www.spam.com

Tag: dg-spam