Get Next Business Day Date

This action is used to find the date of the next business day. Currently, UK and US holiday calendars are supported. The timezone can be specified in order to add local information, otherwise the server local time zone will be used.


Time ZoneStringRanges between GMT-12 to GMT+12 as well as UTC and Greenwich
Include HolidaysStringAn option to include US or UK holidays when looking for the next business day.



Date Format

The date displayed in the outputs is at the same time of the day as the time of the execution of this action.

DateStringISO Format Date with Timezone
MinuteStringMinute of the hour
HourStringHour of the day in 0-24 format
DayStringDay of the month
MonthStringMonth of the year as a number
YearStringYear in "2021" format
Day of The WeekStringName of the day of the week