Swap Product In Subscription

This action is used to swap a product in a subscription with another product.

Official documentation for this endpoint that be found here:


Subscription IdStringThe id of the subscription
Access access token
Line Item IdStringShopify subscription line ID of the existing line item to be swapped out ex: gid://shopify/SubscriptionLine/7a250aed-2c48-4ab1-8518-b7440d6cxxx
New Product Varian IdStringShopify product variant ID of the new product ex: gid://shopify/ProductVariant/39964047110000
New Product PriceStringPrice of the new product.
New Product QuantityStringQuantity of the new product.
InitiatorOptional StringInitiating actor. Can be MERCHANT or CUSTOMER. Default: MERCHANT
Is DiscountedOptional BooleanDetermines if the swap price requires the automated selling plan discount.


SuccessBooleanWhether the call was successful or not
ErrorStringAn error message if it fails