Shopify Full Refund With Any Token

The action provides a full refund for an order. To call this endpoint, you can use a Basic Token or a Shopify Access Token.


  • Optionality to refund shipping via the Refund Shipping input. true for the shipping to be refunded and false if not. Defaults to true.
  • The line items will have a type of no_restock. You can read more about restock types here
  • Partial refunds cannot be done with this endpoint.

Action Inputs

Order IdStringShopify Order Id to be refunded
Shopify TokenSensitiveStringShopify Basic or Access Token.
Shopify DomainStringShopify sub-domain from store Shopify account.
For example, if the URL of the store Shopify account is:
than the sub-domain is: digitalgenius
Shopify VersionStringShopify API Version. If an incorrect value is provided, it will default to version 2023-07.
Refund ShippingOptional BooleanWhether the shipping should be refunded - the default value is set to true meaning that the shipping will be refunded.

Action Outputs

SuccessWhether the order was refunded successfully or not.
RefundThe actual refund object returned by the call. More information about this object can be found here