Preprocessing Clean Message

Uses the AI service preprocessing endpoint to clean a message.

Use this action to clean a text.
Sometimes, customer messages can contain some noise. Email threads, signatures, urls, HTML tags... Depending on the CRM platform, depending on the channel, a lot of unwanted bits of text can find their way on the logs.
This action uses DigitalGenius ai preprocessing services to clean that noise for you.


AI prediction and preprocessing

All the AI prediction services already contain preprocessing so you do not need to use that action every time you want to do a prediction. For example, use that action before doing a regex search, sentiment analysis, translation...


RegionStringServer region you can find in the url (us or eu)
MessageStringtext you want to clean
Language CodeStringlanguage code, ISO 639-1 format (en, fr, nl...), write "auto" if you want the ai to predict the language automatically
Email Address CleanerBooleancleans email addresses
True / False
URL cleanerBooleancleans URLs
True / False
HTML ParserBooleancleans HTML tags
True / False
Email Reply ParserBooleancleans email threads to get only the last reply
True / False
Clean SentencesBooleancleans sentences which don't have common words
True / False


Cleaned MessageStringCleaned text