Kustomer Send Message V2

Send a message via Kustomer using different channels.

Uses this endpoint under the hood: https://developer.kustomer.com/kustomer-api-docs/reference/createadraftbycustomer


DomainStringKustomer Domain
KeyStringKustomer API Key
Conversation IDStringKustomer Conversation ID
Message BodyStringMessage body to send.
Template IDStringTemplate ID
Send From EmailStringThe email address that you are "sending from".
ChannelStringThe Kustomer Channel to use. Valid values: email, sms, whatsapp, chat, facebook, twitter-tweet, twitter-dm, note, instagram
WhatsApp MetaObjectWhatsApp Meta if using interactive or template WhatsApp message. Just provide an empty object for all other channels.
Message DirectionOptional StringDirection of the message. In means inbound into Kustomer and out means outbound from Kustomer. Default is out.


SuccessBooleanWhether the message was successfully sent.
ErrorStringError message or reason.