CXOne Update Case Status

'CXOne Update Case Status' is an action that allows you to change the status of a case in the CXOne platform. The status indicates the current state of the case and its progress towards resolution. There are four possible statuses: new, pending, resolved, and closed. A new case is one that has been created but not yet assigned to an agent. A pending case is one that has been assigned to an agent but is waiting for some action or input from the customer or another party. A resolved case is one that has been successfully solved by the agent and confirmed by the customer. A closed case is one that has been resolved and archived in the system. You can use the 'CXOne Update Case Status' action to change the status of a case at any point in the case lifecycle, depending on the situation and your workflow.

API Documentation here.


UsernameSensitiveStringCXOne Application username
PasswordSensitiveStringCXOne Application password
Access TokenSensitiveStringCXOne Access Token
Case IDStringCase ID
StatusStringCase Status [new, pending, resolved, closed]


SuccessBooleanTrue if Status Updated