Tag Conversation

This action will apply a tag to a Dixa Conversation. The tag could be one of your existing tags or a new tag that will be created as part of running the action. You can also provide the color that should be use for the newly created tag.


Conversation IDStringThis is the ID of the Dixa conversation that the tag will be applied to. Conversation ID would be one of the inputs into your flow.
TagStringThis is the tag that should be applied to the conversation. Use the name of the tag that you want the agents to see. If the tag does not exist in your Dixa account yet then the action will first create this tag with the color you specify and then apply this newly created tag to the conversation.
ColorOptional StringThis is the HEX code of the tag color that will be used when creating a new tag. If you don't provide the color then it default to DG Blue (#0367B2).
Dixa API TokenSensitive StringThis is the API token that was created as part of setup steps here. Most likely you saved it as a flow configuration.


SuccessBooleanWhether the tag was successfully added to the ticket.