Browser Automation

What is it ?

It is a type of integration with external systems by using a robot that clicks through web pages in a browser just like a human would use Chrome or any other browser. This is different from API integration, for browser automation there is no need for APIs.

How does it work ?

It mirrors the clicks of an agent, i.e. a robot will log into your OMS system using a real user, and retrieve information and perform actions in the same way an agent would.

What is the tech behind it?

We use Puppeteer Node framework developed and maintained by Google, which in turn automatically launches Chromium and Chrome browser sessions.

What are the requirements for it to work?

Your OMS platform needs to be accessible via the internet without the use of a VPN. We would not need any of your IT / developer time to set this up.

How would it be implemented?

The DigitalGenius Implementation Team would take care of all implementation steps, they would only need to observe the actions on an agent to set it up.

What are the limitations ?

If the setup of the OMS is changed and buttons moved, the system will need to be updated for it to work.

When is this approach used ?

When there are no APIs to make a direct integration into a customer’s OMS systems. Our customers either use this approach during the trial to make the case to build APIs in the future, or for some older businesses who are using legacy IT systems where API integrations will never be possible. This approach is utilized by many of our customers including Holland & Barrett, SkullCandy and Music Magpie.