Shopify Search for Order by Email

Search for the latest order based on the customer email address

The action retrieves the latest order based on customer email.
The action will return Found Orders? output as false and an empty list of orders in the following cases:

  • If no customer is found based on the input email
  • If the customer was found, but no order is found for this customer
  • If more than one customer is identified based on input email

The order properties can be found here:

This action can be used in cases when the order number can't be found in the ticket description and/or subject.

Action Inputs

EmailCustomer email address based on which the order should be found.
Shopify TokenShopify token. Read here how to find your Shopify token.
Shopify DomainShopify sub-domain from store Shopify account.
For example, if the URL of the store Shopify account is:
than the sub-domain is: digitalgenius
(Optional) VersionShopify API version to use - defaults to 2023-07
(Optional) LimitSpecifies how many orders to return with the search - default is 1

Action Outputs

Found Orders?Whether the order was found or not. This output can be used in branching conditions to decide what the flow should do if the order was found and if not.
OrdersThe list of orders found. Please note that if a limit is not specified, this output will contain a list with one order.
To access the order, please use /0.