Step 5: UPS Action

We are now going to expand more on the Order Status path we added in the previous step. We will add a UPS Tracking action that takes a tracking number, connects its UPS tracking services and returns the delivery status for the given tracking number.

Add UPS Action

Click the plus button at the bottom of WISMO (where is my order?) template to add an action below it. Search for "UPS track" to find the UPS Track & Trace action.

When you add the UPS action you will notice it has a Tracking Number input. As the tracking number will be unique for every user, we will add it as a Flow Input on the Flow panel (left panel). Add Tracking Number Flow Input and then reference it in the UPS action's input.


Run Flow

Now that we added a Tracking Number Input to the flow, you will need to provide an actual value when you try to run it. For testing purposes, you can use this one: 1ze11a690496308389 or any other UPS tracking number you have at hand.


Add Branches

Add some branches from the UPS action to handle different delivery statuses. For example, you could add a 'Delivered' path for when a Status is 'Delivered', and a 'No Info' path for when 'Was Tracking Info Found' is false.


What’s Next