Calculate Estimated Shipping Date

This action is used to calculated an estimated shipping date


The calculation is done by adding the warehouse lead time (the number of days that it takes the warehouse to process the order) to the order creation date. Cutoff time, weekends and holidays are taken into consideration.


Order Creation DateStringDate when order was created
Cut Off TimeStringWarehouse cut off time. The time when the warehouse stops processing orders
Warehouse Lead TimeNumberNumber of days for the warehouse to process the order
Country CodeStringCountry code for counting the holidays or None to not take holidays into cosideration


SuccessBooleanWhether successfully calculated a date
Estimated Shipping DateStringCalculated estimated shipping date
Minimum Estimated Shipping DateStringEarliest estimation when will be shipped
Maximum Estimated Shipping DateStringLatest estimation when will be shipped
Ordered on Non Business DayBooleanWhether the initial date wasn't a business day
Ordered Before Cut Off TimeBooleanWhether the initial time was before the cut off time