Shopify Cancel Order

The action cancels an order on Shopify. The order can only be canceled if it's not fulfilled and not paid.

API Reference here.

Action Inputs

Order IDStringThe ID of the order which is different from order number. To get the ID of the order you would need to retrieve an order using one of the other Shopify actions.
Shopify TokenCredentialsShopify token. Read here how to find your Shopify token.
Shopify DomainCredentialsShopify sub-domain from store Shopify account.
For example, if the URL of the store Shopify account is:
than the sub-domain is: digitalgenius
RestockOptional BooleanWhether to restock products. If set to true, the items will be restocked.
EmailOptional BooleanWhether to send cancel confirmation email. If set to true, cancellation email will be sent.
ReasonOptional StringThe reason for the order cancellation. Valid values: customer, inventory, fraud, declined, and other
Shopify VersionOptional StringThe selected Shopify API version. Valid values include '2024-04', '2024-01', i.e. not supporting older versions such as '2023-10'

Action Outputs

SuccessWhether the order was successfully cancelled or not.