OAuth integration with Gorgias

The following two steps will guide you on how to integrate Gorgias with DigitalGenius.

Step 1. Create the connection on DigitalGenius dashboard

From your DigitalGenius dashboard go to Modules section and click on the Gorgias module. Click on Add Connection.


Click on Add Connection


Install DigitalGenius app from Gorgias app store

You will be redirected to the same page with the subdomain automatically filled if you click on the Install button for DigitalGenius app in Gorgias app store.

Fill out the Name field for the new connection and then the Gorgias subdomain field.
Click on the Connect button.


Click on Connect

Step 2. Authorize and test the new Gorgias connection

You will be asked to authorize the connection. After confirming it, you will be redirected back to the Gorgias Modules page where you can test your new DigitalGenius connection to Gorgias.


Click on Authorize app


Test the connection

If everything was set up correctly you should see a green check mark.