Shopify Create Draft Order

This action allows you to create a draft order in Shopify.


Shopify Access TokenSensitiveStringShopify API Access Token
Shopify DomainStringShopify Domain
Line ItemsListList of line item objects to include in the draft order
Customer IDStringCustomer ID in Shopify to send the draft order to
Discount TypeOptional Stringuse 100% option to apply full discount to all line items, 0% for no discounts, custom for custom discounts
Custom DiscountOptional ObjectShopify custom discount object to use if discount type custom selected (see linked docs for reference on applied_discount formats), otherwise use discount type 100% to apply 100% discount on all line items, or discount type 0% for no discount
NoteOptional StringNote to add to Draft Order


Draft OrderObjectObject response from Shopify of the draft order created
Draft Order IDStringID of the draft order created