use these Flow Actions to automatically retrieve and update Zendesk tickets and users

Zendesk is a popular ticketing platform used for receiving and handling customer service requests.

In this folder you can find all the available Flow actions for interacting with your Zendesk account. Some of the actions allow you to retrieve information, for example checking if a ticket contains certain tags, whilst other actions allow you to perform updates, such as applying a certain macro on the ticket.


All Zendesk actions will require you to provide some authentication details in order for the action to connect to your Zendesk account. Whenever an action needs to retrieve or update something on Zendesk, the action is doing it on behalf of a certain agent. Therefore all actions will require the following authentication inputs:

  • Subdomain - this will be your Zendesk account subdomain. You can get the subdomain by checking your Zendesk URL, which should look like https://[yoursubdomain].zendesk.com. For example if the URL is https://shoes.zendesk.com then shoes is your subdomain.

  • User Email - this will be the email of the agent on whos behalf the action is connecting to your account. It is generally best practice to create a separate agent account dedicated to DigitalGenius. You can check more on this topic here.

  • API Token - this will be the API token that grants access to your account. If you have not created an API token for DigitalGenius then follow these steps to create one.

Once you have all the details above we recommend to save them as Flow Configurations in your flows so you can easily re-use them between all the Zendesk actions in that flow.

Ticket ID

Actions that operate on a ticket would require the ticket ID as one of its inputs. When a new ticket is forwarded from Zendesk to the Master Flow its ID will be included as one of the Flow Inputs into the Master Flow. Therefore when configuring the Ticket ID input for a Zendesk action, most of the time you would reference Flow Inputs -> Ticket ID.


Forwarding Tickets to Flow

In order for your Flow to receive new tickets coming into your Zendesk, you need to setup a connector between Zendesk and DigitalGenius using Zendesk triggers. If you have not setup such trigger yet, check out this guide or this tutorial.


Zendesk API Rate Limits

Behind the scenes most of these actions are making an API call to the Zendesk REST API. Zendesk imposes some limits on the number of API calls you can have to your account. It's quite unlikely for Flow Actions to hit those limits, however you can always check the latest usage as per instructions here.

If you see on tracker many Zendesk actions failing and the error message mentioning "too many requests" then you have likely to have hit the rate limit. In this case check if there is a backlog automation running that is potentially causing too many requests to your Zendesk account.



Any of the Zendesk Plans are compatible with Flow ticket automations. However you would need to be on at least the Enterprise Plan for enabling Zendesk Chatbot actions. This is a limitation imposed by Zendesk and outside of DigitalGenius control, you can check more here.