Freshdesk Get Ticket Fields

Get a Freshdesk ticket with all fields

The action gets a Freshdesk ticket with all fields included. A ticket is an issue raised by a requester that needs to be solved. It could be an urgent, high-priority problem exposing a security vulnerability. It could also be low priority question. Tickets are assigned to agents based on the agent's expertise and on the subject of the ticket.
You can see here all the ticket fields.

Action Inputs

KeyStringThe Freshdesk API Key. Read here how to find it.
Ticket IDStringThe ID of the ticket to retrieve fields for.
DomainStringThe Freshdesk subdomain. i.e. if the Freshdesk URL is then the subdomain will be company

Action Outputs

TicketObjectThe ticket object with all fields included.
SuccessBooleanWhether the ticket with all fields was found with success.