Order Status Category

Order Status category covers customer questions and issues regarding receiving their order.

Order Status

If the AI predicts that the request is generally regarding order status but does not detect any of the specific intents below then the predicted intent will be Order Status.

Where is My Order (WISMO)

Once the customer places an order and until they receive their package they will have various questions about the status of their order. This intent captures order not received requests at all the different stages of the order delivery journey: before order gets shipped, while the package is in transit with a carrier, if the package is stuck in transit and not moving, if the package is marked delivered but was not received by the customer, etc.


  • Where is my order??? Can i have tracking numbers...
  • My order no.XXX has not arrived. In the tracking system it says it s been delivered in NY but I did not recieve it up to now and it s already Feb.8.
  • I would like to make a complaint about my order. It’s been almost a week now and I still haven’t received it.

Tag: dg-where-is-my-order


Order Marked Delivered but not Received

As mentioned earlier where is my order intent will also capture customer messages about their order marked delivered but them having not received it. Although at first it might seem that those requests should be part of another intent like package is lost, etc but we treat them as part of WISMO intent because the actual flow for WISMO will anyway check if the item was marked delivered by the carrier or not.


Missing/Wrong Item(s)

Requests about a missing item are not part of the WISMO intent, instead they are covered in the Missing Item(s) intent below.

Customer messaging about receiving wrong item(s) is also not part of WISMO intent, instead they are captured by the Wrong Item(s) intent which is part of the Return Questions Category.

Order Confirmation Not Received

This intent will capture customers specifically mentioning not having received order confirmation email.


  • I just ordered but I have not received an email confirming the order went through
  • I cannot find my confirmation for my last order of shoes. I wanted to get a tracking number for them.

Tag: dg-dnr-order-confirmation

Missing Item(s)

This intent will capture customers having received their package but messaging that some of the item(s) are missing.


  • I received only one pair of socks while I ordered 5...
  • I received my order but one item is missing

Tag: dg-missing-item

Click & Collect

This intent captures customers asking for the status of their click & collect order: did it arrive at the pick-up area? Is it ready for collection?


  • hi, my order was supposed to be ready for collection on 8th september. however, the tracking still shows the order is being processed. how long is the delivery being delayed?
  • i want to know when my order 12345 will be ready to pickup

Tag: dg-wismo-c&c

Cannot Find My Order Number

The customer can’t find his order number. Even if the message says that the user wants to perform some other action (like return product, but doesn’t have order number), then this is the correct class to predict. The message should not mention about email confirmation not received (it is ok if it says that it got lost it or didn’t bother looking for it).


  • I have lost my confirmation order email. Can you please sent me my order number?
  • I want to return my order, but I don't have my order number.
  • I've lost my order number, send it again."

Tag: dg-cant-find-order-nb