Gorgias Send Internal Note

Send an internal note on a Gorgias ticket

The action sends an internal note to a Gorgias ticket. If you want to read about what is an internal note, please read here.
You can use this action in cases when you want to add some notes to the ticket and these notes should be visible only for the support team and you don't want it to be sent to the customer email.

Action Inputs

DomainStringYour Gorgias sub-domain. Read here how to find it.
UserStringYour Gorgias user email, this will be the email of the agent on whose behalf the action is connecting to your account. Read here how to find it.
KeyStringYour Gorgias API key. Read here how to find it.
NoteStringThe contents of the note to apply. Can be reach text format or a simple internal message to add to the ticket.
Ticket IDStringId of the Gorgias ticket where the internal note should be sent.
Note attachmentsOptional ObjectList of JSON objects with email attachments. Set [] if no attachments. Example
"public": true,
"url": "https://dg-flow-media-eu-central-1-prod.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/flow/7615a3be-2342352342342-ebde8a722a2a/external-id/783424234268/TMsGdIYMW9YwcW5y7sFudWpm/returnlabel.pdf",
"name": "return-label.pdf",
"size": 658439,
"content_type": "application/pdf"

Action Outputs

SuccessBoolean (true/false)Whether the internal note was applied with success or not.