Whiplash V2 Search for Orders

Action used to search for orders in Whiplash using V2 of the API with various search terms / attributes.

List of search terms available:

  • Original Order Id (order_orig)

List of operators available:

  • Equals (eq)

In the backend, the search term is combined with the operator and sent to the endpoint (order_orig_eq)

To know more about this endpoint, read more here.


Whiplash Access TokenSensitiveStringWhiplash Refresh Token
Search TermStringSearch term / attribute to search on (Original Order Id)
Search ValueStringSearch value ("Cancelled", "3213213", "#1234567", etc)
OperatorStringThe operator / predicate to search on (Equals, Not Equals, etc.)


SuccessBooleanWhether the action was performed successfully
OrdersListList of orders found