Gorgias API Credentials

All Gorgias actions will require you to provide some authentication details in order for the action to connect to your Gorgias account. Whenever an action needs to retrieve or update something on Gorgias, the action is doing it on behalf of a certain agent. Therefore all actions will require the following authentication inputs:

Domain - this will be your Gorgias account subdomain. You can get the subdomain by checking your Gorgias URL, which should look like https://[yoursubdomain].gorgias.com. For example, if the URL is https://dgtest.gorgias.com then dgtest is your domain.

Username - this will be the email of the agent on whose behalf the action is connecting to your account.

Password (API Key) - this will be the API key that grants access to your account.

Once you have all the details above we recommend saving them as Flow Configurations in your flows so you can easily re-use them for all the Gorgias actions in that flow.

You can find API credentials by open your profile settings page.


And find the REST API section in the right side menu. If you don't have an API Key, you can create one. You can also reset the existing one and use the new one. Please note if you reset this key, you will need to update the key in all flow configurations in the Digital Genius dashboard where a Gorgias action is used.