Shopify Get Inventory Levels by Variant ID

Get line item inventory


Shopify TokenSensitiveStringShopify API token
Shopify DomainStringShopify domain
Variant IDStringVariant ID
Location IDStringLocation ID
Minimum StockOptional NumberMinimum stock quantity to check against the inventory
Type of StockOptional StringType of stock to check against the inventory


SuccessBooleanWhether successfully retrieved the inventory level information for each line item
Product Variant DataObjectProduct variant data
In StockBooleanWhether the variant is in stock
Available ProductsNumberAvailable Products
Incoming ProductsNumberIncoming Products
Committed ProductsNumberCommitted Products
Damaged ProductsNumberDamaged Products
On hand ProductsNumberOn hand Products
Quality Control ProductsNumberQuality Control Products
Reserved ProductsNumberReserved Products
Safety Stock ProductsNumberSafety Stock Products
On Hand minus CommittedNumberOn Hand minus Committed products