Google Drive

1. Create New Project

Open Google Cloud Console Dashboard. Go to Select Project > New Project. Create a new Project.


2. Enable Required API

Select the newly created project. Go to Library, search for Sheets/Drive and select Enable.

1600 1600

3. Create New Service Account

Using the Navigation Menu go to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts. Go to + Create New Service Account, and after entering the name go to Create. Using the Select a Role navigate to Project > Viewer or Editor, when selected go to Continue, and go to Done on the next page.

1600 1600 2754

4. Get Credentials

Select the newly created Service Account in the Service Accounts list, and go to Add Key > Create New Key > JSON and go to Create, a json file will download which contains the service account credentials. Copy the contents of this file and paste it in the Credentials input of the action.

2708 2758

5. Copy Sheet ID

Copy the id of the Google Sheet from the url in the browser. This id will be used for the input of Action.


6. Copy Sheet tab

Copy the name of the spreadsheet tab. This id will be used for the input of Action.