CommerceCloud (Demandware)

DigitalGenius Flow has a pre-built integration with Salesforce CommerceCloud (formerly known as Demandware). This means you can Flow Actions to retrieve orders/refunds data from your CommerceCloud sites and use that in the automation flows.

Check the API Access section on how to setup an API account for DigitalGenius to access your CommerceCloud instance.


Technical Information

In order to access the orders behind the scenes DigitalGenius is connecting using the Open Commerce API, specifically the Shop APIs.

You don't need to expose any new APIs or make any developments since the Shop APIs are standard across all customers and will expose all the necessary data.

You can manage the permissions of what data DigitalGenius has access to and what operations can be performed by assigning specific roles to the API client.

In order to use CommerceCloud (Demandware) actions you would need to create an API client for the DigitalGenius platform to access your orders in CommerceCloud.

Follow the steps here to create an API client.

Make sure to assign the Salesforce Commerce API role and give permissions to the OrderSearch resource.

Save and Client ID and Password. These, together with Host URL, will be used by DigitalGenius actions to get access to your CommerceCloud orders.