Freshdesk Send Reply with Attachment

Send a reply to the customer on a Freshdesk ticket, with an attachment

You can compose and send customers your rich-text replies, with an attachment, in the Freshdesk ticket via DigitalGenius flows.

Action Inputs

Reply MessageThe contents of the reply message to send. It can be also in Rich-text format created in a flow template action.
Freshdesk DomainFreshdesk domain that you get from URL. For example, if the URL is:
The Freshdesk domain is: digitalgenius
Freshdesk KeyAPI Key from the Freshdesk user settings.
Read [here] how to find your Freshdesk key.
Freshdesk Ticket IdId of the Freshdesk ticket where the reply will be sent
File in Base 64File in base 64

Action Outputs

SuccessWhether the reply was sent with success or not. This output will be set on true if the reply was with success and false in case of errors during action execution.