Check Time Past Since Some Date

Check how many days have passed since a particular date.

Calculate the amount of business days that have passed between a provided date and the current date.

For example:
If the current date was 24-05-21 and the date passed to the action was 17-05-21 the returned value would be 5, representing five business days passed between those two dates.

It is necessary to pass the format of the passed date to the action. Formats are defined by the Moment Js Library (documentation can be found here:

For example:
The date 24-05-21 would require the format DD-MM-YY to be passed.

Action Inputs

Time UnitStringThe format of the passed date.
Past DateStringThe Date against which to measure the time passed

Action Outputs

SuccessBooleanWhether the action succeeded or not
Units of Time PassedNumberThe amount of business days that have passed