USPS Get Estimated Delivery Date

The action is used to get an estimated delivery date based on origin and destination zip codes for USPS packages.


Mail ClassStringUSPS mail class
Origin ZIP codeStringOrigin ZIP code (warehouse)
Destination ZIP codeStringDestination ZIP code (customer
Accepted DateStringThe date when USPS received/will receive the parcel
Accepted TimeStringThe time when USPS received/will receive the parce
Include DetailsBooleanWhether to return additional detail for Non-Expedited mail classes
Non-Expedited Origin TypeStringOrigin type indicator for non-Expedited shipments ("Local Mail", "Destination Entered Mail")
Non-Expedited Destination TypeStringDestination type indicator for non-Expedited shipments ("PO-Addressee - Street", "PO-Addressee – PO Box", "Hold for pickup")


SuccessBooleanWhether successfully extracted an estimated delivery date
Delivery DataObjectData returned from USPS
Estimated Delivery DateStringEstimated delivery date in YYYY-MM-DD forma

List of USPS mail classes

    "All Mail Classes (1-digit)",
    "All Mail Classes (3-digit)",
    "All HAZMAT Mail Classes (4-digit)",
    "Priority Mail Express",
    "Priority Mail Express HAZMAT",
    "Priority Mail",
    "Priority Mail HAZMAT",
    "Priority Mail 1-Day (Deprecated)",
    "Priority Mail 2-Day (Deprecated)",
    "Priority Mail 3-Day (Deprecated)",
    "Priority Mail Military",
    "Priority Mail Military HAZMAT",
    "Priority Mail DPO",
    "Priority Mail DPO HAZMAT",
    "Priority Mail Offshore",
    "Priority Mail Offshore HAZMAT",
    "USPS Ground Advantage (up to 15.999 oz)",
    "First-Class Mail Letters",
    "First-Class Mail Flats",
    "First-Class Mail Cards",
    "USPS Ground Advantage (up to 15.999 oz) HAZMAT",
    "Standard Mail",
    "Standard Mail Letters",
    "Standard Mail Flats",
    "Standard Mail Marketing Parcels",
    "Standard Mail Simple Samples",
    "Parcel Shaped Periodicals",
    "Package Services, USPS Ground Advantage, LIVES, Offshore",
    "Parcel Select (Deprecated)",
    "Standard Post",
    "Media Mail",
    "Library Mail",
    "Bound Printed Matter",
    "USPS Ground Advantage (1 to 70lbs)",
    "USPS Ground Advantage (1 to 70lbs) HAZMAT"