Concatenate Multiple Items in List

Concatenate fields of items in list based on list with path to a fields in object.

This action is used to concatenate multiple items together from a list of JSON objects.

Give it an input list of JSON objects, the item fields you want concatenated together and separator and it will return you a one string.


Items ListListList of JSON objects
JSON Path ListListList of JSON Fields you want their value concatenated together
Field SeparatorStringSeparator of concatenated items within one JSON object
Object SeparatorStringSeparator of concatenated items fields (see example below)


successBooleanFalse if any input formatting issue
textStringConcatenated text


Input Items List:

    "1": "items",
    "2": "items2"
    "1": "to", 
    "2": "to2"
    "1": "concatenate",
    "2": "concatenate2"

Input JSON Path List

["1", "2"]

Field Separator: ,
Object Separator:

Result: items,items2 to,to2 concatenate,concatenate2