Global-e Track & Trace

Find tracking information by Order ID and Email Address

This action is used to get tracking information from Global-e.


In order to use the action in your flow you need to provide it with the following inputs:

Order IDStringThe unique identifier of the order. The action will search for orders matching this ID.
EmailStringThe email address associated with the order.
Merchant GUIDStringThe authentication key required to execute API calls with Global-e. Obtain the production version from the client and Global-e.


SuccessBooleanTrue if managed to find an order; False if no orders found.
Tracking Found?BooleanWhether the tracking information was found
True / False
Last Event DateStringThe date of the last tracking event.
Shipping StatusStringTracking status:
Ready for Shipment,
In Transit,
Problem with Delivery,
Returning to Sender,
Ready for Pickup


Tracking Status (To be updated)

Global-e API returns a status for each tracking event. DG maps this status to one of the predefined statuses

Statuses mapping

Global-e Shipping StatusDG Shipping Status
Delivered (or any status containing the word 'delivered')Delivered
Image AvailableDelivered
In transitIn Transit
In customsIn Transit
The receiver has been advised of when their delivery will take placeIn Transit
shipment is out with courier for deliveryIn Transit
the parcel is on the vehicle for deliveryIn Transit
Scanned by CarrierReady for Shipment