Freshdesk Create Ticket

Create a new Freshdesk ticket

A ticket is a conversation between your support agents and one of your customers.
The action creates a new Freshdesk ticket. The status of the newly created ticket will be the selected input status and the selected input priority.

Ticket Properties
Every ticket has a Source, Status, and Priority.

Possible Source values (also, customer may have defined custom Source values:

  • Email = 1
  • Portal = 2
  • Phone = 3
  • Chat = 7
  • Feedback Widget = 9
  • Outbound Email = 10

Possible Status values:

  • Open
  • Pending
  • Resolved
  • Closed

Possible Priority values:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Urgent

Action Inputs

DomainStringYour Freshdesk sub-domain. Read here how to find it.
Requester EmailStringYour requester user email, this will be the email of the agent on whose behalf the action is connecting to your account.
KeyStringYour Freshdesk API key. Read here how to find it.
Ticket subjectStringThe subject of the ticket to be created.
Customer EmailStringThe email address of the client to whom the message will be sent.
Ticket DescriptionStringThe description body which will be also the first message in the ticket.
Ticket statusOption ListTicket status. The new ticket will be created with this status.
Ticket priorityOption ListTicket priority. The new ticket will be created with this priority.
Ticket sourceOptional NumberTicket source. The new ticket will be created with this source.

Action Outputs

SuccessBooleanWhether the ticket was successfully created.
Ticket IDStringThe id of the newly created ticket.