Zendesk Delayed Tickets Batch Action

This action is used to fetch a batch of tickets and start a flow execution for each ticket. Only tickets older than the time delay specified will be downloaded. Tickets are fetched only if they are older than the time delay and unit specified. Any tickets that already passed through this batch action will be marked with a tag to prevent duplicate executions.


Zendesk Triggers

This is a replacement of Zendesk triggers for launching flow executions. Please ensure that the Zendesk query provided is equivalent to the Zendesk triggers it replaces.


SubdomainStringZendesk subdomain url
UsernameStringZendesk username
TokenStringZendeks API token
QueryStringQuery to filter tickets, this should replicate the conditions of a Zendesk trigger
DelayStringInteger value of the time delay
Delay UnitStringUnit of time, one of five. Seconds is the most granular option
Zendesk TagStringTag to apply to tickets that have already passed through the batch action
LimitStringLimit on the number of tickets that executions will be launched for. Maximum of 100 tickets can be launched at once.
RegionStringThe region where the dashboard is accessed from. "us" for America, Asia and Australia, "eu" for Europe
DG API KeyStringDG API Key. Read here
DG API SecretStringDG API Secret. Read here
Flow IDStringID of the flow to launch for each ticket. The flow should have inputs "id", "ticket_title", and "latest_comment"