CXOne Send Outbound Message

CXOne Send Outbound Message is an action that allows you to send an email reply to a customer or a contact in a case thread. You can specify a list of emails, comma separated, email content with rich content and attachments.

API Documentation here.


UsernameSensitiveStringCXOne Application username
PasswordSensitiveStringCXOne Application password
Access TokenSensitiveStringCXOne Access Token
Channel IDStringChannel ID. From caseDetails/channelId
Thread IDStringTheread ID On External Platform. From messageData/threadIdOnExternalPlatform
MessageStringMessage text. HTML format allowed
AttachmentsObjectList of attachments object in the following format
"friendlyName": "my-image.png",
"url": ""
RecipientsStringRecipients emails, comma separated


SuccessBooleanTrue if the message was sent