HTTP Request

Call any API using the HTTP protocol

This action is a wrapper over the HTTP protocol and you can use it to connect to any API.

For more technical users you can see it as a cURL tool equivalent.

For less technical users you can see it as a web browser without an user interface.

This action is very versatile as it will allow you to talk to any system that exposes an HTTP service, exactly like the web browser you use every day.


The inputs follow the HTTP Request Message parameters

MethodStringThe HTTP Method. Examples: GET, POST
URLStringThe URL you want to connect to
HeadersObjectThe HTTP Headers JSON object.
Example: {"Authorization": "Bearer xyz", "X-abc": "example"}
BodyStringThe HTTP request message body. Can be null or a (non)empty String.

{\"json_field\": \"json_value\"}


The outputs map the HTTP Response Message data

Status CodeNumberExamples: 200, 404
Status TextStringExamples: OK, Not Found
HeadersObjectThe HTTP Response headers as a JSON objectβ€”key/value pairs.
BodyObjectThe HTTP Response message body.

If the API responds with an application/json body, the action automatically parses the response body.
Action StatusString. success or failureWhether the action has succeeded or not