Shopify Update Default Address to New Address

Updates the customer's default address to a new address

Updates the customer's default address to a new address.

This action can either take individual fields as inputs or a shopify address object.

There are 3 steps to this action:

  1. It'll get the current default address from the customer and enhance the provided address object with first_name, last_name, name and phone if those are not provided(uses this endpoint).
  2. With this new enhanced address, it will use this endpoint to create a new address for the customer.
  3. Finally, It will update the customer's default address with this endpoint.


Shopify TokenSensitiveStringShopify API token
Shopify DomainStringShopify domain
Customer IDStringCustomer ID
Address1Optional StringThe street address of the shipping address.
Address2Optional StringAn optional additional field for the street address of the shipping address.
CityOptional StringThe city, town, or village of the shipping address.
CompanyOptional StringThe company of the person associated with the shipping address.
CountryOptional StringThe name of the country of the shipping address.
Country CodeOptional StringThe two-letter code (ISO 3166-1 format) for the country of the shipping address.
ProvinceOptional StringThe name of the region (for example, province, state, or prefecture) of the shipping address.
Province CodeOptional StringThe two-letter abbreviation of the region of the shipping address.
ZIPOptional StringThe postal code (for example, zip, postcode, or Eircode) of the shipping address.
Shipping Address ObjectOptional ObjectEntire object in the Shopify format. Including fields: address1, address2, city, company, country, country_code, province, province_code, zip.


SuccessBooleanWhether successfully updated the default address
New Default AddressObjectNew default address data