Gorgias Update Customer Note

Gorgias action that is used to update or replace a customer note.

See more information about the underlying endpoint here:

Action Inputs

KeyCredentialsYour Gorgias API key. Read here how to find it.
UsernameCredentialsYour Gorgias user email, this will be the email of the agent on whose behalf the action is connecting to your account. Read here how to find it.
SubdomainCredentialsYour Gorgias sub-domain. Read here how to find it.
CustomerIdStringId of the customer to update.
Note TextStringText to add to the existing note or to replace with.
MethodStringUse "Add" to add to the current note (will separate with a comma) or "Replace" to replace the whole note.

Action Outputs

CustomerObjectUpdated customer object.
SuccessBoolean (true/false)Whether the customer note was updated successfully.