Return Questions Category

The return category will capture various returns related requests below.

Return Questions

If the AI predicts that the request is generally regarding returns but does not detect any of the specific intents below then the predicted intent will be Return Questions.

How to Return

Customer wanting to return the item and either asking how to return or mentioning problems with submitting a return.


  • I was wondering if I could return my shoes as I changed my mind, how can I do that?
  • I ordered and checked out with apple pay and so don't have an account to log into. I want to return my order, how do I get a return number?
  • These are the ones Id like to return. How should I proceed?

Tag: dg-how-to-return

Return Status

Once the customer sends back their product(s) for a return they will be waiting to get a refund/exchange for their return. This intent will capture customers requests about the status of their return/refund/exchange.


  • I returned my shoes 2 days ago, did you receive it already?
  • I returned the shoes and you said you received them but I never received my refund.

Tag: dg-return-status

Return Label

Customer requesting a new return label.


  • I want to return my shoes but the return label (sheet / document / form) is not in the package
  • Unfortunately I lost the return instructions and label.
    Would it be possible to get a new shipping label?
  • there was no return label in the box

Tag: dg-return-label


Customer requesting an exchange.


  • I don't like my shoes, can I exchange them with the blue model?
  • Hi, I'm attempting to return and exchange for a different size but the order number isn't working.

Tag: dg-exchange

Wrong Item Delivered

Customer messaging about receiving wrong item(s).


  • I wanted the blue model but I received the red ones, this is not normal please advise
  • I have recently received my order (order no XXX) but have received 2 x charcoal face scrub and not the 2 x charcoal face mask as ordered. I would appreciate it, if you could rectify this asap.
  • I have received my order, but instead of XXX powder I have got XXX met vitamin C

Tag: dg-wrong-item-delivered

Book Collection

Customer wants to book a collection for his return item.


  • hello, i would like to book a return for order number 12345. pickup would be same as delivery address
  • hello, i received the shoes and unfortunately need to return as they as too small. i have filled out the return forms and pro-forma customs invoice. can you schedule a dhl pick up for any time tomorrow, or monday?

Tag: dg-book-collection

Failed Collection

Customer is complaining about a failed collection of a return item. For example The courier did not show up or the driver refused to take the item... A new booking will need to be done.


  • i was supposed to have a pick up this morning no one came
  • hi i arranged a courier collection for the dress but the courier did not show up, nor on the following day. please could you reschedule for tuesday? thanks

Tag: dg-failed-collection