Quality Issue Category

Quality Issue category captures all the various requests to do with the broken/damaged products or parcels. For some of the below intents the first step that can be automated is to ask for an image if none was already provided.

Quality Issue

If the AI predicts that the request is generally regarding a quality issue but does not detect any of the specific intents below then the predicted intent will be Quality Issue.

Faulty Product

Customer messaging about a product quality issue after they tried to use it. This is different from product arriving damaged due to the way it was handled during the shipment.


  • I tasted the donut but it had an awful after taste
  • I just saw that the product is expired...
  • I have been using the shoes for 2 weeks and it is already damaged on the heels

Tag: dg-faulty-product

Arrived Damaged

Customer messaging about damaged package and/or damaged product as a result of poor handling during shipment. For example, thawed out food, spilled products, damaged packages, etc.


  • I ordered a body lotion and it arrived broken and it was completely spilled on the box
  • The parcel was completely damaged when it arrived
  • I received the shipment with no hint of dry ice and everything melted and squashed.

Tag: dg-arrived-damaged

Used Condition

Customer complaining about the condition of a second hand item they have received. It is not as advertised or not in the condition it should be.


  • The condition of my book was supposed to be "very good". It is definitely not. It has a terrible smell and some pages have some writings on them.

Tag: dg-used-condition

Warranty Policy Information

Customer messaging about the warranty policy but not specifically asking for the status of their claim.


  • Warranty Policy Information, I have a question regarding warranty
  • I have had my shoes for about 2 months and i love them! However, one of the shoe lace holes has ripped which is so upsetting! So I was wondering if there is any type of warranty or a repair service?
  • Have opened a warranty case as discussed and wanted to check if the upload of the pictures did work. The website gave no indication.

Tag: dg-warranty-policy-information

Warranty Claim Status

Customer is asking about the status of their warranty claim.


  • I submitted a warranty claim for a pair of XXX that I bought in late may. I havent heard back in a week and i would like to get in contact with someone. Thanks!
  • I have been in contact with XXX at your Warranty Department. I sent her an email on Monday with some questions, however, have not heard back. Is she on vacation? Is there someone else I can deal with?

Tag: dg-warranty-claim-status

Adverse Effect

Customer is messaging about an adverse physical reaction they experienced after using the product (skin reaction, allergy, pain, nausea, etc). This is more relevant to cosmetics and food products.


  • After eating the cake I ordered, I felt very sick
  • I bought the XXX shoes, and they are tearing up my feet.
  • My XXX Eye Cream Lotion has a fishy smell. It smells totally different from my first set

Tag: dg-adverse-effect

Reaplce Parts

The customer is asking about ordering a replacement part for their product. This intent is more relevant to technical products where a part of the product is available for purchase separately (charging cable, case, earbuds, etc)


  • I misplaced my charging case and would like to know how I can get another?
  • I am missing the left ear cup as it came off during an accident while commuting, I was wondering if I could purchase another ear cup on its own.
  • Do you stock replacement XXX part for a XXX machine?

Tag: dg-replace-parts


Customer is messaging about a technical issue with the product. The issues covered by this intent are usually a malfunction or unexpected behaviour of the product, not a result of physical damage.


  • The left earbud will not pair with the right and/or a device.
  • I just opened the package and plugged them in and music only plays through one of the ear pieces.
  • Bluetooth is no longer working, only one side is working correctly.

Tag: dg-troubleshooting

Charging Issue

Customer is complaining that the product is not charging properly. This intent is most relevant to wireless products, where the customer is unable to use the product after a failure to charge or the capacity of the batteries has decreased to an unsatisfactory level.


  • I believe the charging case is defective it doesn't charge my earbuds and loses power instantly after having been fully charged.
  • Product has randomly stopped charging!
  • Charging capacity continues to recede, down to a limit of 40% and dropping.

Tag: dg-charging-issue

Won't Turn On

Customer is messaging about a product that does not power on.


  • Power bank does not turn on anymore not even showing power level. Worked one day totally off the next.
  • Our dishwasher won’t turn on and I can’t get through on phone to shop.
  • I recently bought a XXX laptop from XXX, I turned it on and it stopped working, now it won’t power on, any ideas on what I should do next?

Tag: dg-wont-turn-on

Stopped Working

Customer is asking how to troubleshoot a product that isn't functioning as before / advertised. This is most relevant to technical products that aren't visibly damaged, but no longer work as intended.


  • The television purchased is not working, it will turn on but the screen is not showing anything.
  • I bought an XXX bluetooth wireless speaker with yourselves about 8 or 9 months ago and it has stopped working even though it was charged.
  • We bought a XXX oven from you online about a year ago and the thermostat has gone in the oven and it's not heating/cooking.

Tag: dg-stopped-working