Oracle Update Incident Status


This documentation provides details for using the updateStatus action to update the status of an existing incident in Oracle Service Cloud. The updateStatus action allows you to update the status of an incident based on the provided status name.


HostStringOracle host
UsernameStringOracle username
PasswordStringOracle password
IncidentIdStringID of the incident
StatusStringThe new status name


SuccessBooleanWhether the status was successfully updated


The following action will update the status of the incident with ID 3773011 to Unresolved:

  "host": "",
  "username": "your_username",
  "password": "your_password",
  "incidentId": "3773011",
  "status": "Unresolved"

This query returns the following data:

  "success": true

Note that the output of Success will be false if any of the following occurs:

  • The API call is unsuccessful (i.e., there is an error when making the API call), OR;
  • The API call is successful (response code 200) but the response does not contain the expected data.