Release 1.143




Release Notes

In this release the templates recommendation UI component has an underlying re-architecture moving away from Salesforce Aura to LWC. This will help keep up with future Salesforce roadmap as LWC is the currently recommended stack by Salesforce. Lightning Web Components uses core Web Components standards and provides only what’s necessary for good performance in browsers supported by Salesforce. Lightning Web Components is a lightweight framework and delivers better performance than Aura.

However LWC does not have full parity with Aura and in our particular case we are relying on Quick Action API in order to paste the template text into the email quick action text area. The Quick Action API is not available in LWC yet therefore to still provide this functionality we added a simple Aura component which acts as proxy for the LWC to call the Quick Action API.


DG_Email2CasePrompts is the old Aura component which has not been updated. If you experience any problems with the LWC component then revert back to the DG_Email2CasePrompts component to rollback any changes.

dGEmail2CasePrompts is the new LWC component which you should use to replace the older Aura DG_Email2CasePrompts. However if you experience any issues with this new LWC component then you can revert back to using DG_Email2CasePrompts.

DG_QuickActionAPIWorker is the new Aura component which is used as a proxy for the LWC dGEmail2CasePrompts to call the Quick Action API.

In addition to the components re-architecture we also added search functionality to be available for cases which do not have a template prediction so the agents can still search for templates.

Installation Steps

After having installed the package, then you need to update your Lightning Page(s) used by the customer service agents. Remove the old Aura DG_Email2CasePrompts component and add the new LWC dGEmail2CasePrompts and Aura DG_QuickActionAPIWorker components to the page(s).


The proxy Aura component

The new proxy Aura component (DG_QuickActionAPIWorker) only contains a listener for Platform events which are created by the β€œadd to email” button. This additional component would be invisible on agents page, take no space and take minimal effects to performance.

Rollback Steps

  1. Remove dGEmail2CasePrompts and DG_QuickActionAPIWorker components from the page.
  2. Add DG_Email2CasePrompts component back to the page.
  3. Test the page and if you still see the old behaviour then try reloading the page and reseting browser cache as Salesforce UI is caching components on the page for a few minutes.