DG Analytics - Record Full Resolution Rate

In your Freshdesk account go to the Admin section and open Automations.


Add New Rule

In Automations make sure you are on the Ticket Updates tab.


Next, Click the New rule button to add new automation and a name to the automation: DG Analytics - Last Responder Automation


  1. When an action is performed by - Select Agent
  1. Involves any of these events - Add 2 events:
  • Status is changed From "Any status" To "Closed"
  • Status is changed From "Any status" To "Resolved"
  1. Involves ALL of these events:
  • In Tickets If "Tag" Contains all of "dg-processed".
    Please note, the tag used here will be exactly the same tag that is added by DG New Ticket Automation .
    This is an important check because we need to record the last responder in Analytics only for tickets that were sent to DG and ignore those that where filtered out.

Actions Performed

Now we are going to set up an action that will send this ticket to the DigitalGenius platform.

  1. In the choose action dropdown select Trigger webhook

  2. In the Request Type dropdown select POST

  3. As URL, use either https://flow-server.us.dgdeepai.com/v2/execution or https://flow-server.eu.dgdeepai.com/v2/execution depending on whether your DigitalGenius account is in US or EU region respectively. This is something you should see in the URL of the DigitalGenius dashboard - us.digitalgenius.com vs eu.digitalgenius.com.



  1. Toggle Requires authentication to on. This will expand the authentication section. For the authentication type keep, I have username & password selected.
  1. For the Username and Password, we are going to use API Key and Secret from the DigitalGenius dashboard. Follow the steps in API Key/Secret. Put the API Key into the Username field and API Secret into the Password field.

  2. Keep Add custom headers toggled off and Encoding as JSON.



  1. In the Content section select Advanced.
  1. In the content text area enter the following but replace the {REPLACE WITH FLOW ID} with the ID of the [Analytics] Last Responder flow on the DigitalGenius dashboard:
	"action_id": "{REPLACE WITH FLOW ID}",
	"external_id": "{{ticket.id}}",
	"inputs": {
		"ticket_id": "{{ticket.id}}"


  1. Click Preview and Save button and you should see a preview pop-up like this.
  1. Click Save and enable button to save the automation.

Now you should be all set to start receiving tickets inside the [Analytics] Last Responder flow.