Update Zendesk Tags

This action is used to update multiple Zendesk tickets and respective tags with a guarantee of the operation success or failure. The action can be used to add or remove tags depending on the mode selected.


Zendesk Batch Operations

Multiple ticket tags can be updated using the Zendesk APIs by submitting "update many" requests. These requests initiate a job in Zendesk that complete the requested updates with a delay. Updates performed by this action are only displayed as a success if the status of the update job status is "completed". Maximum wait time of 3 seconds.


SubdomainStringCustomer Zendesk Subdomain URL
UsernameStringZendesk Username
TokenStringZendesk API Token
Ticket IDsStringList of Zendesk ticket ids separated by commas
Zendesk TagsStringList of Zendesk tags separated by commas
ModeStringOne of add or remove


SucessBooleanTrue if the Zendesk job status is "completed" after few seconds wait. False otherwise