Salesforce Cases

DigitalGenius platform has an integration to Salesforce Service Cloud. This integration allows you to automate resolutions to customer service cases.

This integration is done using a Salesforce Package that you install on your org and configure for connection with your DigitalGenius account. Once configured the package will be sending incoming service cloud cases to DigitalGenius Flows.

Since DigitalGenius Flow already comes with pre-trained e-commerce AI for understanding over 30+ e-commerce enquiries you do not need to pass any training data. Also DigitalGenius Flow platform comes with pre-built integrations into carriers and order management systems thus you do not need to program these integrations yourself. If you need to use any data from your salesforce org as part of automation flows you can easily retrieve any records using flow actions for getting record fields or executing custom SOQL requests.

Once the flows are setup with business logic you will then use flow actions to create internal notes in chatter feed or send public email responses to customers via Salesforce cases. This is done using visual configurations without any coding. Behind the scenes these flow actions use Salesforce REST and SOAP APIs, as well as custom APIs exposed by DigitalGenius Salesforce Package.