DigitalGenius integrates directly with NetSuite using NetSuite's SuiteTalk Web Services.

The integration supports SuiteTalk's out of the box REST and SOAP APIs, as well as the RESTlet framework for more custom APIs to be exposed.

DigitalGenius flows can use a combination of REST, SOAP, RESTlet actions to achieve the business requirements. We have a number of NetSuite actions pre-built, and more custom actions can be developed by our Solution Engineer assigned to your account.

Authentication is handled using SuiteTalk's Token-based Authentication (TBA). Refer to the following guides on steps to setup the integration and authentication:


For the DigitalGenius Module's connection:

  1. Enable REST WEB SERVICES under SuiteTalk setup and under Manage Authentication make sure OAUTH2.0 is checked.
  2. Follow the steps here to create an integration record:

Add the name, optionally description, keep the state enabled. Token based authentication leave unchecked as we don't need that.

Enable the Authorization Code Grant and enable REST WEB SERVICES and RESTlets in the scope.

For the redirect URL enter one of the following depending on your region:


After successfully having created the integration record, copy the CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET and paste them into the DigitalGenius Netsuite Connection.