Kustomer Get Conversation and Related Information

This action is used to get the conversation data based on a conversation id.

Additionally, we can use the same action to get a list of related information from this conversation*. Messages, times, forwards and notes are all available to get with this same action by simply making use of the "Related Information To Get" input.

Documentation for these are found in this section: https://developer.kustomer.com/kustomer-api-docs/reference/getmessagesbyconversation

*Note: Kustomer has a pagination system with a size of 100. This action is only used to get the first 100 items (first page).

Please contact DG Support if you require more items.


DomainStringKustomer Domain
Kustomer API KeyStringKustomer API Key
Conversation IDStringConversation ID
Related Information To GetOptional StringField used if you want to get messages, forwards, notes and times related to the conversation. Possible values: ["messages", "forwards", "times", "notes"].


SuccessBooleanWhether the conversation was retrieved
Conversation DataObjectData of the requested resource (conversation, messages, forwards, times or notes)