Detect Sentiment

Detect sentiment of input text. Please preprocess the text first

This action detects the overall sentiment of an input text. There are 2 sentiments currently available: Positive and Negative.


Sentiment Score

The score of a document's sentiment indicates the overall emotion of a document. The magnitude of a document's sentiment indicates how much emotional content is present within the document, and this value is often proportional to the length of the document.


RegionStringServer region you can find in the url (us or eu)
TextStringAny text
DG Api KeyStringRead API Key/Secret
SecretStringRead API Key/Secret


Sentiment ScoreFloatscore of the sentiment ranges between 0 and 1.0 and corresponds to the overall emotional leaning of the text. (recommended value: > 0.3)
SuccessBooleanTrue / False
MagnitudeFloatMagnitude indicates the overall strength of emotion (both positive and negative) within the given text, between 0.0 and +inf. Unlike score, magnitude is not normalised; each expression of emotion within the text (both positive and negative) contributes to the text's magnitude (so longer text blocks may have greater magnitudes). (recommended value: > 2.5)