AI Intent using DG QA AI

This action is used to predict Question Answer Templates using a QA Digital Agent. The template is chosen based on the AI predicted answer, language and the chosen channel. The channel input behaves like a filter so it must be one of the predefined channels that were defined at the time of creating the model.


Templates will only be predicted when Automation is Switched On

Each template that is labelled as "Recommended for Automation" can be switched on for automation. The automation template created in this process is required in order to make predictions.


Preserve the structure of messages

Some automatically generated email sections and characters, particularly new lines are used for preprocessing and cleaning the messages. Removing these characters or sections can change the outcome of the prediction. Please keep this in mind when copying a message or formatting automatically before prediction.


DescriptionStringTicket description
SubjectStringTicket Subject
Ticket IDStringID of the ticket
API KeyStringDG API Key. Read here
API SecretStringDG API Secret. Read here
Digital Agent IDStringAlso known as model group id, is a unique id for the QA digital agent. Can be found in the url on the Digital Agent detail page.
EnvironmentStringThe environment where the dashboard is acessed from. "prod" for Production, "qa" and "dev" for Development access.
RegionStringThe region where the dashboard is accessed from. "us" for America, Asia and Australia, "eu" for Europe
ChannelStringThe social, email or other defined channel where the message was sent through. For intent automation it's called intent. The list of possible channels can be found in the digital agent detail page.


Intent FoundBooleanTrue if an intent was detected False if not.
Intent IDStringUnique ID of the answer/intent that was identified.
Automation Template IDStringUnique ID of the template that was identified. The correct template is selected based on the predicted answer, language and channel.
Template TitleStringTitle of the identified template
Automation Template TextStringTemplate content of the template that was predicted for automation.
Automation Template External IdStringThe external ID of the template that is automated. For intent automation this is a unique id that is used by AI API.
Prediction InsightsObjectInsights of the prediction which are the confusion between two predicted intents if any were found, and the preprocessing steps of the message.