Whiplash V2 Generate Access Token

Action used to generate a new access token using the V2 Whiplash API.

To know more about this access token and how to get the refresh token, read more here.

The returned access data is in this format:

access_token: 'STRING',
token_type: 'Bearer',
expires_in: #### (usually 7199),
refresh_token: 'STRING',
scope: 'user_manage',
created_at: UNIX TIMESTAMP


Whiplash Client IdStringWhiplash Client Id
Whiplash Client SecretSensitiveStringWhiplash Client Secret
Whiplash Refresh TokenSensitiveStringWhiplash Refresh Token
Customer EmailStringCustomer Email to unsubscribe


SuccessBooleanWhether the access token was generated successfully
Access DataObjectWhiplash data returned