Create Dixa API Token

Open API Tokens

In your Dixa account open Settings -> Integrations and click on Configure API tokens.


Create New Token

Create a new token by clicking Add API Token button.


On the token page give it a name such as DigitalGenius and make sure the API version is selected to Dixa API.


Click Save and on the confirmation page copy the value of Token (don't confuse with Token Id, we need the Token!).


Save the token somewhere safe or put it directly into DigitalGenius Flow Configuration.

Create Dixa Connection in DG

Go back to DigitalGenius dashboard and open the Modules page.


In the list of modules find and open the Dixa module. Then start adding a new connection by clicking on New Connection button.


Next on the New Connection pop up enter the name for your connection and paste the API token you created in Dixa. For the name use something to identify the Dixa account you created the API token in.


Finally click Connect and upon successful connection you should see a success notification and your newly added connection in the list of Dixa connections.


Finally test that the connection is working. Click on the 3 dots icon at the bottom right corner of the connection and select Test. This will not make any changes to your Dixa account, this will only try to retrieve some data from your Dixa account.


If test is successful you shall see a green tick.


If the test is unsuccessful then you will see a red cross.


Add Flow Configuration

In DigitalGenius Flow add a new configuration, name it something like DIXA API Token and paste the value of the token you copied.




Well done, now you are all setup to leverage DigitalGenius integration with Dixa!