Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program category captures customer requests around any kind of loyalty offers the company has. The intents are currently focused around loyalty cards.

Add Points

Customer wants to add the points he got from a purchase to his loyalty account. Maybe he has forgotten to use his card or he made his purchase from a physical store.


  • Hi. My husband ordered something and didn't ask me for my card.. Could you please add my points pls.
  • Hi, please could my points from my recent purchase be added to my card? I couldn’t get my card to show in store. Thanks!

Tag: dg-lp-add-points


Customer wants an extension of his loyalty program


  • I went to to account and noticed that my vouchers expired. Would be possible reissue the new ones?
  • I just logged into my account as I couldn't find my card and it shows I have expired voucher. Would you be so kind and renew it for me?

Tag: dg-lp-extension

Link Account

Customer wants to link his new card to his online account


  • Please attach that card number to my online account with at the above email address.
  • I created an online account and would now like to link to my existing loyalty account. Thanks.

Tag: dg-lp-link-account

Replacement Card

Customer wants to get a new card (lost the old one or other reason)


  • Could I please have a replacement card? How can I get a new one?
    I’ve lost my original one :(
  • Is it possible to request a new loyalty card. I can use in store giving staff postcode but struggling online within card number.

Tag: dg-lp-replacement-card